Aliases, the band set to take the spiritual reigns of the British technical metal scene – thanks to the involvement of ex-Sikth guitarist Graham ‘Pin’ Pinney – have signed to UK-based label Basick Records. This move heralds the culmination of a lot of hard work from the band, who are set to release their debut 6-track EP (as yet untitled) sometime in 2011.

This is most excellent news; I’ve had a mean hankering for more stuff since the band debuted the track ‘We Never Should Have Met‘ some four months ago now. Reports came in after they put in an appearance at Germany’s Euroblast Festival that they blew a large percentage of the minds present therein.


Full story after the jump (an action I can imagine very few of our American readers will be performing after yesterday’s Thanksgobbling eat-athon).

I can’t see a reason not to be excited about this project really. Pin has set forth his noble intentions for the band:

“We are interested only in taking Metal on a new and limitless path, allowing the music and vocals to grow organically and exist outside the common constraints of a single genre.”

The band has also come together from a variety of different places and backgrounds.

“I had searched for three years to find a vocalist since SikTh drew the curtains, first bringing over, only to have deported, a singer from the USA and then finding the awesome talent of Jay Berast in Paris, a long distance situation which works brilliantly. Darren Pugh and bassist Joe Heaton joined from Manchester band Veils and Leah Woodward is a rare guitarist not only having a playing style which compliments my own, but she brings a ton of her own insanity to the mix!”

As you can guess from that, and the ever-so-subtle title, Aliases’ other guitarist is of the female variety. That’s right: bewbs and stuff. Zomg.

I guess this shouldn’t be massive news or anything – of course girls can play guitar – but traditionally metal is a pretty male-dominated scene. Jimmy once documented the follies of female ineraction with metal, but fuck me can she play. Check out a video of her shredding below.


So; anyone else as up for this as me?

– CG


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