Waaaaaay back in May I reported that Will Haven were entering the studio to record some new material. I hadn’t heard anything for a while, and given my so-so relationship with Will Haven, I wasn’t honestly checking.

Turns out they have been busy – even if it has taken them six months – and are about to lay down vocals.

“Its been a bit but wanted to update everyone on the record, we have tracked all the guitars, bass and drums. We tracked 12 songs (not sure if all 12 will be on there). We recorded it here in Sacramento with our good friend Matt Pedri. We are very happy with the way its coming together.

As of now we are in the mixing process and adding some stuff here and there, Grady is due to come into the studio in the next week and start laying down vocals. We are pretty excited to hear Grady over this stuff, going to be insane. Thank you for the support and we will update again soon.”

One of the tracks was rumoured to be a collaboration with Tristan Mocquet of My Own Private Alaska. No mention in the update, so I’m not sure if any such material will surface this time around; but if we hear any piano-type stuff, chances are it’s him.

More news when we have it.

In the meantime, here’s a recent video of the band performing in Sacramento, CA.


– CG


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