Fairly big week this week! Give this list of new releases a once-over and see if there’s anything of interest to you! There should be, as there’s a lot of good ones here.

After The Burial – In Dreams (Sumerian)
Agalloch – Marrow of the Spirit (Profound Lore)
As They Sleep – Dynasty (Solid State)
Burning The Masses – Offspring Of Time (Mediaskare)
The Chariot – Long Live (Good Fight Music)
God Dethroned – Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross (Metal Blade)
haarp – The Filth (Housecore)
King Conquer – America’s Most Haunted (Mediaskare)
Murder Construct – Murder Construct (Relapse)
Norma Jean – Birds And Microscopes And Bottles Of Elixirs And Raw Steak And A Bunch Of Songs [3-disc Compilation] (Solid State)
Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine [Remastered] (UMe)
Phobia – Unrelenting (Relapse)
Yngwie Malmsteen – Relentless (Rising Force)
Your Memorial – Atonement (Facedown)
While She Sleeps – The North Stands For Nothing (Good Fight)

We reviewed the new Agalloch last week, Long Live the week before, and will have a review of After the Burial’s In Dreams sometime this week.


– JR


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