Everyone’s (well okay, at least our) favorite prog/tech death band The Faceless will be entering the studio early 2011 to record their highly anticipated upcoming album. There’s not really much more to say on the matter, but now it’s officially on the radar for next year.

There’s also a “big North American spring touring announcement” coming soon. Now, I know wild speculation is frowned upon, but The Ocean are supposed to be in the United States this spring. The Faceless are very diverse with their touring possibilities, easily fitting in with both prog and death bands. Is there another prog-gasm tour akin to last year’s BTBAM headlining stint in the works? I honestly don’t know. It’d be cool though; I’m just throwing that out there.

Here’s a new song set to appear on The Faceless’ upcoming album that the band have been performing live lately, “The Eidolon Reality.” From what I can make of it, it’s pretty cool.


– JR

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