Ladder Devils

Forget English

01. Get OK
02. Divorce Drugs
03. Common Dogs
04. Pyramid
05. Leavers

It’s going to be hard in my mind not to compare Ladder Devils to the efforts of their past. If you’ve been paying attetion to anything I’ve written in the last few weeks or so, you will have noticed me going on about The Minor Times, a now-defunct hardcore band from Pennsylvania – the ex-guitarist and bassist sibling-duo of which now form half of post-hardcore outfit Ladder Devils. I’m going to do my best not to though, because to do so would be do them a discredit.

They channel a distinctly Loom-like style of vocals and their post-hardcore leanings are strongly in evidence. The riffs and chunky and hard-hitting – nothing fancy, but meaty and enjoyable all the same. The production is spot-on for the genre – not too big, but there is depth enough for conveying the guitar work.

The music bangs along at a steady pace, but there isn’t a lot of variety – the drumming in particular, whilst skilful enough, varies little between songs. This isn’t a complaint as such, but it serves to make the tracks blend together – there’s little that is hugely memorable to differentiate between them.

The main problem I have with this EP – and as such with writing this review – is that I neither love it nor hate it; in fact it has struggled to overcome my urges to just listen to my favourite albums of the moment and ignore it. Jimmy will attest his regal displeasure at having it sitting in the draft folder for about a month.

That being said, it does err more on the side of awesome than bargain-bin reject, and for that:

Lader Devils’ Forget English gets


– CG


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