German melo-death outfit Deadlock have finally announced the title of their new album and the release date. Straight from a Lifeforce Records email:

DEADLOCK are about to finish the works on their new, highly anticipated album “Bizarro World”, that will be released February 25th, 2011 in Germany and February 28th in the rest of Europe via Lifeforce Records. Release dates for the US and Japan will be announced soon.

I’m pretty excited to say the least. Manifesto, their previous album, was pretty good, but the lyrical direction was abysmal. Seriously, keep your animal rights shit out of my metal! If they drop the bad lyrics and improve on the sometimes inconsistent songwriting, I think we may have a solid release for next year.

I’ll have a review for it up once Lifeforce sends it my way so look forward to that, too.



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