[This edition of Bands That Made Me Heavy comes from my best friend Kaetlynn, whom everyone affectionately refers to as Kat. If you’d like to share how you got into the world of metal, we want to hear about it! Send an email over to mail(at)heavyblogisheavy(dot)com. If we like it, we’ll post it!]

So I just recently came into the world of music that doesn’t just, for lack of a better term, suck. Though I still listen (and fight for) a multitude of older bands that seemingly everyone hates nowadays, I’ve grown accustomed to my new tastes. While I don’t hold a large arsenal of awesome music (Between the Buried and Me and The Dillinger Escape Plan to name a few), if it wasn’t for a few early bands that I magically found (and a good kick in the pants along the way) I’d still be listening to The Beach Boys and Creed.

I give credit to quite a few bands for helping me climb the ladder that led me to myself today: Slipknot, KoRn, All that Remains, Ill Nino. Since all of those have been done by now (thanks guys), I’ll jump onto one of my earlier ones, Disturbed.


My older brother was the first one to introduce me to Disturbed. He brought home their album The Sickness on the day of its release and let me have a listen. David’s voice was easily the most intriguing thing I had ever heard at that point in my life, so I kept it. I proceeded to buy every single album released since then, my favorite being Indestructible for sentimental reasons. I‘m a lady, go figure.

I still give them a listen every now and then, and I get a smile on my face when I hear a song come on in the distance for whatever reason. I’m very lucky I found them, I quickly dropped everything and began my journey. It’s honestly friends who got me where I am today, but this was the beginning. Maybe not the best beginning, but one regardless.


– KS

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