Maybe even better, actually. If you’ve been keeping up with the site then you know that I recently attended the To Catch A Predatour featuring The Contortionist, Gaza, The Red Chord, Terror, and The Acacia Strain. All of the bands put on a good show, but the highlight for me was without a doubt when The Contortionist came on stage. They opened up with Primal Directive, the opening track from Exoplanet, and then they continued to play only tracks from their most recent effort for the rest of the set. No complaints here about that, seeing as how Exoplanet is one of the best albums to come out in the past year, in my book.

The band played flawlessly through all of the set, but sadly the crowd as a whole didn’t really seem to be that into it. That wasn’t really surprising though, I’m pretty sure most of them were only there for the brodowns and hardcore dancing…Anyways, after The Contortionist’s set I was able to meet each member of the band and they all seemed like very nice and down to earth guys when I talked to them which was really cool. Best live show I’ve seen in a while, and afterwords I found myself very inspired as a musician. So check them out if you haven’t already, and if they ever come anywhere close to you, do not miss the chance to see them live and support them!



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