Winning s free copy of one of the year’s best releases is as easy as annoying the fuck out of your feline friends. (yes, this exists) is asking you to (safely!) stack some metal related items on top of your cat and take a picture of it by December 1st. If it’s amusing/metal/cute enough, you win!

Here’s the objective:

Send us your most HEAVY METAL CATSTACK EVER! Stack your cat with whatever says METAL to you. We’ll leave the that up to your interpretation, but be advised that here at Catstackers we listen to metal 24/7, so it would be advisable to impress us with something appropriate!

Read more about this totally awesome contest right here. I wish I had thought of this idea first! Cats are awesome. Metal is awesome. Stacking metal related items on top of cats is so awesome, it’s damn near absurd.

I love the internet.

– JR

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