Mesa Verde fae grand auld Shhcortland thish week, ya ken? Ah’ve a mean soft spot fae bands like thish; big auld reffs an’ a senger hae sounds like a badger’s pullin’ on ‘is bawls, hae ken then drop intae some epic post-rock secshuns like Envy, Funeral Diner, or lasht week’s ‘Fae Whom The Bell Tolls’ City ae Caterpillar.

Ah’ve nae doubt yon Yankie lads’ll be havin’ a mean time unnerstandin’ mae, sae ah’ll jus leave yae wi’ the song “Retun Tae Victories” fae the album Thae Auld Road.



After thae joomp, the raeson ah’ve bin tawkin’ like thess.

– CG


Any non-Scottish person who can understand every word this guys says is some kind of linguistic master and needs to be on the next rocket to Zargblon 7.

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