You know. That guy. Ex-At the Gates and current The Haunted guitarist? Yeah, him.

In Flames posted this pic on their Facebook today:

With a caption that read:

Who’s this guy?

Now, I’m no expert, but things seem to connect here. Let’s do the math:

Lack of guitarist + iconic guitarist in studio + inconspicuous caption = new band member.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe he’s just there doing shit with the production. Hell, maybe In Flames are just a bunch of assholes. But I have my money on Anders being the new man. And if he isn’t? Well, I’ll commit seppuku on webcam. Live. Surely there’s a reason for him to be there and damnit, I wanna know why! Even a solo by him would be kickass.

In Flames’ new album release date TBD.



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