Being this old is pretty damn metal.

So. Bands break up. It sucks, but that’s the way of things. For most of them, the reason is pure and simple; on some level, they suck. Whether it’s only a little, or harder than a $20 hooker, it doesn’t matter; the world doesn’t lose a whole bunch. The members go on with their lives, and probably go on to make a greater impact in other areas of society.  Like handing out parking tickets.

Then there are bands that are forced into submission for other reasons: money, conflict – both personal and artistic – or sometimes the fanbase only comes after they’re long gone. This is a chronicle of those bands. Most you will not have heard of, for the very reason that they’re not even around to promote themselves any more. But trust me, they are bands that you really really should listen to.

One scary town this week: City of Caterpillar

It’s a somewhat creepy image, don’t you think? A city filled with caterpillara. Imagine those really spiny, brightly coloured ones, climbing in your windows, snatching your yadda yadda. There would be no plants left whatsoever, and probaby a shit ton of cocoons hanging off lamposts and shizzle. The flap of a butterfly’s wings; a tornado in china. Eerie.

Forgive my little excursion into the imagination, but I’m going somewhere with this. A city of caterpillars, or even a city made of caterpillars, could surely exist in a seriously barren and possibly post-apocalyptic world, no?

If this world were a movie, City of Caterpillar would provide the soundtrack.

Balancing on that thin cusp between screamo/hardcore and post-rock usually inhabited by the likes of Envy and Funeral Diner, City of Caterpillar might also have been termed as ’emo’, in that super lame way that people who argue about ‘true emo’ do – which is usually true, but nullified by these same people arguing about it. So I ain’t arguing; I’m telling you. My point being that this is the music people being ruled by the giant fucking caterpillar overlords would listen to. It’s noisy, it’s angsty, and it’s shitting good.

01. And You’re Wondering How a Top Floor Could Replace Heaven
02. A Heartfelt Reaction To Dissatisfaction
03. Minute-Hour-Day-Week-Month-Year-(The Faiths In My Chest)
04. Fucking Hero
05. When Was the Last Time We Painted Over the Blood On the Walls?
06. A Little Change Could Go A Long Ways
07. Maybe They’ll Gnaw Right Through

Quite a bunch of titles, no? To me it paints a sort of story in a similar way that the titles to 65daysofstatic‘s The Fall of Math does – something’s going on for sure.

They came from that late nineties/early noughties golden age of don’t-give-a-fuck. Contemporaries of bands such as pg.99, Majority Rule (with both of whom they shared members) and Refused, who all carried that DIY, no interference punk attitude. You just don’t get that these days, and it’s a shame. I’m not calling all modern bands cock-sucking corporate lapdogs, but you know, Attack Attack!, so…

All their tunes were pretty fucking epic and largely bipolar; they could flip from gut-wrenching screaming and furious riffing to delay-laden…well, post-rock. Check out these two, a couple of my favourites.



Drummer Ryan Parrish is probably the most well known, having been in Darkest Hour back then – a position he still holds now. Vocalist/guitarist Brandon Evans and second drummer Pat Broderick went on to form Ghastly City Sleep, and Jeff Kane and Kevin Longendyke forming both Malady and Verse en Coma, the latter of which also featured Parrish.

The break up was cited as due to “personal issues”. Hmm. Oh well!

– CG

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