If you’re even on this website, chances are, you’re at least familiar with Cloudkicker‘s always excellent work. You’re also probably aware of how hard it was, up until recently, to find information on the man behind the music. Interviews and inside scoop has been trickling in as the release of Beacons has been getting a lot of hype and attention.

In a surprise move, Metal-Injection have scored a video interview with none other than the man Ben Sharp himself, in the flesh. Peep this, folks. This is what a genius looks like.

Now the mystique is gone and we have an actual person and a personality to attach to the music. Do you think this is good? Not so good? Does it have any effect on you at all? Let me know in the comments. Personally, it’s nice to see the dude behind the music and I hope he makes appearances more often.

Check out Cloudkicker on Bandcamp and download some killer music for the asking price of whatever the hell you want.

– JR

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