He’s flipping off all the metal elitists, surely.

As I’ve mentioned before, In Flames were the band in which I had cut my teeth when it comes to metal. I had been an avid In Flames fan, having seen them live twice and enjoying all of their releases; yes, I even loved A Sense of Purpose. At the time, I was really into it. If that album came out today, I’m not so sure if I’d feel the same way, but it was catchy and it was something to sing along to without having to feel bad about it. So I guess you could say that newer In Flames is the guilty pleasure without much of the guilt.

Hell, depending on who you are talking to, In Flames are actually something to be ashamed of for having them on your iPod. I don’t buy into that mess, but In Flames are definitely entry-level. Sure, some of the stuff as gotten… emoish, but I think metal needs that side of the spectrum, you know. I like my genre diverse… and at the time, I was going through some heartbreak, so shitty metalcore and In Flames “spoke to me.” It happens to the best of us.

At any rate, the band are in the studio, almost done tracking their upcoming album. Björn Gelotte is handling all of the guitar duties since Jesper Stromblad left the band to, as far as I can remember, focus on tackling his alcohol addiction. Good on him, I say; that choice was hard to make. However, that puts new In Flames material in question: will it be better or worse than A Sense of Purpose. Can Bjorn write for two? Will solos be more than a couple of seconds? Will the pop formula stick around? Are we looking at another Sonic Syndicate?

Eh, probably.

In Flames’ new album is tentatively due out April/May 2011. Anyone else skeptical, but excited?

– JR


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