After not having visited the blog for a few days due to some medical hiccups I stumbled upon Jimmy’s post detailing some of the complaints for the blog. One of them being variety of bands discussed at HBIH. I have to agree that what attracted me to this website was a similar interest in the musical genres of heavy music. While most of the music in my collection is under all the similar tags discussed here, some of it is not. Jimmy mentioned finding new writers with different interests to “broaden the spectrum,” but maybe I could encourage some of our current writers to write about bands they may feel would otherwise be considered “guilty pleasures.”

We all have them! With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to The Cover Up.

The Cover Up are a unique band from Arizona, and sadly are no longer in existence. I fell in love with them during their final line-up change, with their last album Monster Eats The Pilot. In their final line-up, I would describe The Cover Up as Pop, Punk, and Post-Hardcore. An odd group of genres indeed, but that’s what attracted me to them at the time. I was quite frankly burnt out on everything else “new” I was interested in at the time; both Suicide Silence’s No Time To Bleed and Killswitch Engage’s self-titled had left me disappointed with much hype for both (the reasons why are worth a whole other column.)

The Cover Up can be summed up in one word: “catchy.” If you’re like me though, catchy doesn’t mean much in the context of music if there aren’t a few growls and breakdowns to keep you interested. Monster Eats The Pilot delivers on all levels. After spinning this thing for a week, don’t be surprised if you find your-self singing to a few choruses and verses, growling, and anticipating a good headbang all while listening to one song. The vocals are perfectly executed by blending the clean with the growls. The instruments are as I described. You wont find anything too complex here and that’s okay; The Cover Up weren’t striving for complexity. The riffs consist of catchier poppy riffs, blended with the occasional 2-step, a well placed break-down, and some shreds. Their lyrics are emotional at times, which only adds to the listening experience of hearing the lyricist scream his heart out.

Unfortunately I can only offer their MySpace and YouTube to find some of their music from Monster Eats The Pilot legally. For those of you willing to dig through Youtube for a few tracks, here’s the tracklist:

1. I’m Causing More Family Feuds Than Dick Dawson
2. The Fire
3. Chauffer
4. In The Arms Of A Plane Crash
5. Beating A Dead Horse
6. Pieces
7. We Won’t Get Out Alive!
8. Go Get ’em Tiger
9. Fight Of The Century
10. Russian Roulette
11. Of Love
12. There’s Nothing To See Here (Except A Crime Scene)
13. Dorothy Mantooth Is A Saint

If you were searching for something different, give them a shot and listen to “Go Get Em Tiger”


– PC


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