Being a damn dirty Brit (and proud!), this whole mid-term election thing has mostly been going over my head. Something about a tea party and Obama is likely to get his ass handed to him or something? I’m sure he’s doing his best anyway, but that’s democracy!

Well, it went over my head until Jimmy pointed me over to the live broadcast of the Rally to Restore Sanity, which seemed like a bunch of fun as well as having a legitimate message. Jon Stewart seems like a sensible sort of chap to me, and it was nice to see a well-publicised event that highlighted some of the problems of the world today without pointing the finger of blame at any one person or thing. That said, I knew your media was bad, but Jesus!

I hope it made some people think, and that it was a laugh for the rest of you who caught it.

Anyway, as they are wont to do, the guys over at Autotune the News put together a song with excerpts from his keynote speech (I’ve been a big fan ever since the Bed Intruder song), which can be found after the jump.


– CG

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