Here I am sitting at work and thinking about the state and future of Heavy Blog, and there are three things that I keep coming back to:

  1. Making money off of this would be pretty awesome. Even though we’ve had ads in place, I haven’t made a dime. Maybe one day!
  2. We don’t post enough. The writers are busy folk, with lives, jobs, and school outside of this hobby website, so it’s hard to find time to come up with things to write about.
  3. We don’t cover a broad-enough spectrum. I’ve noticed that we rarely talk about bands without the words “progressive” “core” or “post” in their genre. That’s the type of music I enjoy personally, and so when I started up this website, I attracted people with similar taste. That’s why all the writers tend to talk about the same things. I’d like to change this a bit and have new writers that have different taste. That’s what makes our BFFs in The Number Of The Blog so good; they are pretty diverse in their coverage. Mitch is supposed to be our token “tr00 guy”, but he’s busy with others stuff.

So hopefully we can fix some of these in the next year or so and continue to grow. Thank you guys for reading and making us “semi-professional assholes” feel like we’re actually doing something worthwhile. Sometimes it seems like we’re just talking to ourselves, but looking at the site stats, that’s clearly not the case! So stick around, tell some friends, and hopefully we’ll expand with our readership!

– JR


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