Perhaps it’s just my dirty mind, but this gives me the idea that Metalocalypse/Dethklok man Brendan Small is about to get some ho-mo-sec-shul lovin’ from four big and/or hairy dudes plus Keith Buckley – all caught on camera for the new The Damned Things music video. Now I’ve heard of hardcore, but surely this would be the wrong end of the stick, so to speak?

Nah, I keed. The PRP are pretty spot on with their coverage, and I visit most days. Hey, I have to take every ‘lol’ I can get during the work day, right?

Mr. Small will be handling treatment/direction for the upcoming video for ‘We’ve Got A Situation Here’, from the upcoming album Ironiclast, which should be released on December 14th through Island/Def Jam.

The bands debut album “Ironiclast” is currently on track for a December 14th release date through Island/Def Jam.

– CG


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