The Advaita Concept - OntologyThe Advaita Concept


01. Ontology
02. City 17
03. Make Like a Circle
04. 5-9-5-13!
05. Roidal Rampage
06. The Awesome Song

[Lakeside | 10/4/10]

The discovery of a new band is always exciting. Will it be something you’ve heard countless times? An experience that leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Or is it a treat from which you cannot stop consuming? Recently, a buddy of mine posted a comment on his facebook mentioning a band that he was listening too. The name didn’t ring any bells, and since we share a similar taste in music, my interest perked up a bit. So upon further investigation, which wasn’t that hard, just had to follow the link he posted along with his comment, I was introduced to the The Advaita Concept.

The band, consisting of Karlton Tillman (Guitar), Alec Larson (Guitar), Rob Sawyer (Bass), Mark Marshall (Drums), Conrad Stuhl (Vocals) and Jose Colon (Vocals), hail from Clermont, FL, and their self-released EP Ontology, is a blend of melodic, experimental, progressive and djent metal, sharing similarities to bands like SikTh and Meshuggah. Not only do these guys write some amazing tunes, they do all of their own recording out of their personal home studio.

This EP is a beast of pure musicianship that demands repeat listens. The title track “Ontology”, is an 8 minute opus of melodic aggression and soothing harmony, beginning with a slow fade-in of both guitar and vocals being coupled with ambience and distorted effects that instantly grabs a hold of your senses and doesn’t let go. From there on you are thrust into a plethora of guitar work, ranging from the heaviest of chugs to the cleanest of notes, all being delivered with precise execution. The bass and drums make their presence known and never hide from the onslaught of guitars surrounding them. You can tell these guys took their time perfecting these songs, by fleshing them out, providing structure and then giving them life. All of the tracks offer unique attributes to give them their own feeling. Tracks like “Ontology”, “Make Like a Circle” and “5-9-5-13!” effortlessly shift between heavy and melodic rhythms, while “City 17” and “Roidal Rampage” take a more heavier approach. There is enough range in this EP that it never feels bogged down and repetitive.

The use of dual vocals can either work well or be bothersome, in the case of The Advaita Concept, they handle it perfectly, incorporating the right amount of both harsh and clean vocals. They never feel forced or overdone to the point of annoyance, they simply compliment the music and add that extra layer of mood and atmosphere. There is also the use of IDM/Electronic pieces scattered throughout the EP, courtesy of David Hurst (located in UK). These subtleties add another layer to the already grand soundscape these guys created.

Simply put, Ontology is an amazing EP, one that deserves The Advaita Concept notice amongst an endless sea of bands. I see many promising things from these guys in the future and can only await to see what they do for a full-length. The production is clean and well taken care of, not once does it ever feel fake. The only complaint, and this is purely nit-picking, I wish it was longer, and/or featured an instrumental track. Other than that, this a very strong release, and one that will propel them further in their career.

You can download Ontology here….

The Advaita Concept – Ontology


– DA

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