Latitudes are a bunch of rude dudes who are lewd nudes in the right moods. Poods.

Not really! I have no clue whether any of them have a penchant for nudity, or about their general disposition – although they do seem like a nice bunch of lads. The drummer wears glasses, so he must be.

For a band I’ve never been to see as the main act, I’ve seen them rather a lot – three or four times at least in fact. Each time I’ve been suitably impressed by their incredibly dense sound, which has a tendency to lose you inside it as you listen, losing track of time. Or something. I’ve definitely never been bored during one of their sets, which is a plus.


They have an excellent EP (Bleak Epiphanies in Slow Motion) and an awesome album (Agonist, from which this track is taken) under their belts, so why not check ’em out?

– CG


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