It seems like ages since tech death band Necrophagist has put anything out. In this downtime, apparently guitarist Sami Raatikainen (right) has been putting together a solo album, releasing it under the name Radiance. It’s basically power metal meets progressive, ambient, and djent. As you can no doubt tell, this is going to be fucking amazing.

I joke in the headline; I don’t mean to take away from this great album by bitching and moaning about Necrophagist. I want some new Necrophagist as much as the next guy, but this album is pretty damn amazing; being a 49 minute epic featuring both male and female vocals (by Mats Levén and Noora Häkkinen, respectively) while flowing the way it does through several different styles, it’s hard to make grievances.

You can stream it below and click through to make a purchase. Because of the exchange rate and how worthless the dollar is at this point, it’s a little steep at $13 to download the album. I’m not sure if  €10 is reasonable or not; someone should fill me in on that. Anyway, give it a listen, as it is most excellent.

– JR

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