Devin Townsend is one of the few reasons why I even bother checking Twitter these days. Dev’s pretty open about the progress he’s making on his many projects, talking about the mixes on Ghost, preparing for Deconstruction, his current tour with Tesseract, and most recently, preparing his entire Ziltoid The Omniscient album for a release on the Rock Band Network. You can keep up to date with Hevy Devy news right here.

As of yesterday, Devin was  halfway through work on preparing Ziltoid The Omniscient for release on the Rock Band Network, exporting all the stem tracks and changing some Ziltoid dialogue so he mocks the player throughout the song until the end. Devin will also be adding guitar solos Expect a lot of poop and balls jokes, but who would want anything else?!

There are apparently more surprises in store, so more news as I get it. I can already assume that week’s paycheck will be taking a dent already!

– JR


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