Time to get serious for a moment. Aww shit.

In memory of the tragic suicides of bullied gay teens (and to atone for my lack of a purple t-shirt), I’ve decided to make the background of the website purple for today (hit ctrl+F5 if it doesn’t change for you).

I’m not normally one to get all white-knightish, having called my friends “faggots”  from time to time (in a non-homophobic manner, mind you) and making a joke post about how suicide is metal and all that, but I was bullied a bit growing up and it’s never funny when someone seriously decides to take their own life for any reason. Today, it just seemed appropriate to take part, and the least I can do is raise awareness by confusing people with a change of scenery.

So bullying fucking sucks, and so does homophobia. Cut that shit out and get with the times, people.

– JR


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