Every week, our buddies at The Number of the Blog record a podcast called The Number Of The Blogcast. I’ve been on a couple of times before, but now I’m going to be more regular, joining every other week as a part of the new Team One (along with TBOTB’s Quigs Quigly and False Nate, That Devil Music‘s Rob Liz, and our very own Mitch “Dethcaek” West). This team will take over every other week, and because of this larger presence, I’m going to start reposting the blogcasts from both teams here.

On this week’s podcast, we discuss current events and delve a bit too far into subjects that should have been avoided. We ask False Nate hard hitting questions and Quigs does some “spiritual readings.” Good show!

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Genghis Tron – Endless Teeth
Emperor – Inno A Satana (Live)
Tribulation – Seduced By The Smell of Rotten Flesh
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Thru Our Scars
Cyclamen – What Are You Waiting For (feat. Dan Tompkins of Tesseract)

The Number Of The Blogcast (Episode 20)

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome. Next week, we toss it back to the original Blogcast team, Team A, with Scott (EvilivE), Dave (DemiGodRaven) and whoever they can find to be a part of this madness.


– JR

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