Last week, some asshole named Levus commented on the We Butter The Bread With Butter post from my 100% correct series, “Five Reasons Why Deathcore is Total Shit.” Read it if you haven’t, but this guy came stumbling in long after the party ended to come in defense of WBTBWB.

Its about enjoying the music, not about what they do or who they sound like. who cares if they are scene kids? i dont see you putting out any music and for that reason, i shall say shut the fuck up.

Holy logical fallacies, Batman! I wasn’t aware you needed to make, music to criticize it. Someone should tell Ebert that all of his writings are null and void until until he scores a blockbuster hit under his belt.

Now, assuming for a second that this guy is correct and we aren’t allowed to talk about music until we’ve put it out there, then Heavy Blog would only lose what, three or four writers at most? We at Heavy Blog are not only fans of music, but we enjoy writing it as well. Here’s three bands that are the products of HBIH writers. Oh, and guess what? One of them is my own project. Suck it, Levus.  Consider this our accreditation that allows us to talk as much shit about music as we want.

Damn, I’m spiteful. Without further ado…

First up: ISSACHAR!

Featuring Paul “Uncle Muscles” Meisner on guitar, Issachar are a progressive metalcore band which takes influence from the likes of Between the Buried and Me and August Burns Red. The band are currently writing new music and saving up enough cash for a van and to record a high quality debut EP, but they have a few demo tracks up on their MySpace. They are spectacular, so check them out!

And then there was: THRACIAN!

Thracian are a melodic death metal band from New York featuring Dan “Dormition” Arena on vocals. Their demo EP Blight is available for free via bandcamp. Listen to that below!


Theologiae is a progressive post-black metal music project featuring yours truly as the (currently) sole musician. I’ve released one nine-minute song, “The Ardor Sanctus.” Tre Watson contributed a guitar solo, which sounds great. The song is very BTBAM influenced in its structuring and composition, flowing through different parts with stylistic differences. Check it out below and download it for free at bandcamp. I’m currently writing more music, so keep track on Facebook for the word if you care.

That just about covers it. I know some of the other writers have small projects they’re working on, and I’ll post them when they have something to post. So, to all you readers and other blog dudes out there: Show me your own personal projects and bands! Show me that you’re allowed to talk about music.

– JR

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