Today I was scrolling through my Facebook updates only to find that The Chariot has uploaded a new track titled “The Audience” from their newest record on their Myspace! I was never a fan of The Chariot until I saw their very intense live performance with Norma Jean. Their older work seems to be hit and miss with me, but their most recent album Wars and Rumors of Wars was practically flawless. Their sound evolved to something much more fluid and concrete while maintaining the chaos that they’ve always been known for.

The newest track seems to continue right from where they left off, and that’s a good thing. In addition, they’ve signed to Good Fight Music! This is exciting, as Good Fight Music is a rather new label (compared to Nuclear Blast, Metalblade, Century Media, etc.) that enjoys the company of bands like The Contortionist, Son of Aurelius, and I Am Abomination. Given their latest release, plus the new label signing I’m completely stoked for Long Live, due out on November 23rd!

If you’ve never given The Chariot a chance, give this video a listen and enjoy one of the muddiest head-whipping breakdowns you’ve heard.


– PC

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