Sad news time. One of the frontrunners of the British metal scene Rinoa are going their seperate ways at the end of their headlining UK tour in November. This from the band:

We’re utterly crushed to announce that Rinoa is splitting up.

Certain factors meant that the band couldn’t continue as it was, and anything else wouldn’t have been good enough.

Therefore the November UK Headline tour with While She Sleeps will be our Farewell Tour. Please help us out – buy a ticket and tell your friends to buy a ticket. There will be new merch but it will be limited and never re-printed.

We want to lavish heartfelt praise and thanks onto Eyesofsound, The Agency Group, the magazines and webzines and all the promoters that have allowed us to follow our dream up to this point and achieve things we never expected in a million years. And to the people who came to the shows, came on tour with us, gave us their lounges, bought our music, bought our threads, partied with us and said nice things – there are simply no words for how you make us feel. We love you loads.

Some of us are continuing with music. Until then, see you in November. Bring Kleenex.

James, Jozef, Perry, David and Matthew

They’ve been on my very own list of ‘bands to stop being a lazy dick about’, but what I have heard I’ve enjoyed immensely (going so far as to feature them in one of the early Best of British columns). I think I even caught the end of one of their live sets once As a small island we do good metal pretty well, but it’s never nice to hear about

Fodder for a future For Whom The Bell Tolls indeed. I really hope the promise of future musical projects is kept, as some members have an excellent pedigree already – you might recall that guitarist Matthew Holden was in Crydebris.

Good luck to anything they do, anyway, and my heartfelt condolences to any fans to whom I’m breaking this news for the first time.

– CG


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