I am Keith Buckley and what is this?

Not sure how we missed this as we follow them on that chirpiest of social networking thingowits, but Buffalo’s own Every Time I Die are reportedly in a spot of legal bother over some Twitter-related high jinks. O lawd.

They recently faked a series of ‘RT’ re-tweets, in which well known celebrities endorsed their upcoming New Junk Aesthetic re-release/Shit Happens: The Series? release, which is out later this month on Epitaph. Targets included Justin Bieber, P. Diddy and Roger Ebert.

“for sure it will my man! RT @justinbieber: if I don’t have pubes by oct 26th, I’m sure the ETID DVD will give me a whole mess of em, yo!”


One of the targets – some ‘tweet’ (read: this is a pun) – has got their knickers in a twist and has issued cease and desist papers to the band. Fair enough if you’re a bit miffed about someone mis-quoting you or something, but legal action? Talk about heavy-handed!

Early speculation (based on the below tweet) is that the legals come from none other than Kanye West. Okay, that explains it. Go eat a fishstick, ya egotistical douchebag – and whilst you’re at it, get a humour transplant.

We just spoke to our lawyer and though we can’t comment on it, there’s no law saying you can’t tweet @kanyewest & tell him to fuck off

I’m sure nothing will come of it – in fact, it’s undoubtedly just better press – and that Andy William’s awesome beard will simply deflect any negative repercussions, but it’s gotta be a little scary when some internationally famous raptard’s legal dudes get all up in your face.

More news as (if) it happens.

– CG

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