“Lolwut?” I hear you cry! Never fear, I haven’t gone mental. Lostprophets, for all their contemporary radio-friendly rock and emotionally ‘original’ angsty lyrics, actually used to be pretty good.

As so often happens when decent semi-heavy bands get picked up by the mass media, Lostprophets went from ‘I will actively play their music’ to ‘physically get up to turn off the radio’ in the space of two albums. Their first, The Fake Sound of Progress, was the best, especially when conjuring images of battling ninjas. SHING!


They might not be some of your cups of tea (he mentioned tea! He must be British!), but I’ve got some damn good ones for you next week, so stay tuned compadres. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Stella Dawes, the BoB from earlier this week. Tidy.

– CG


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