For the life of me, I can’t remember if I’ve posted the first studio video on here or not, but my internet at home has been beyond lousy as of late, so I’ve had a hard time working on the site and figuring shit out. My new modem should be in soon, so I’ll try to get more done when it comes in! That said, don’t expect all that much else from me today unless luck happens.


So Born Of Osiris have posted their second studio video online this week. As you might be able to tell from the video, BoO have decided not to record with Joey Sturgis producing. Thank goodness; that man was responsible for producing some of the shittiest albums to pass for metal in the past few years. We’re talking Attack Attack, Emmure, and Oceano here. Get that shit out of my face. Apparently the only great albums he produced that I can see here was for I Am Abomination. Instead, the group are co-producing it with Don Byczynski, who recently said the album will have twelve tracks. This is sounding like it will be their best work yet.

Born of Osiris’ third studio album is due out early next year on Sumerian Records.

– JR

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