The Tomb Within

01. The Tomb Within
02. My Corpse Shall Rise
03. Seven Skulls
04. Human Genocide
05. Mutant Village

[Peaceville Records | 9/21/20]

As you all should know by now, Autopsy were essential to not only the early death metal scene but to the formation of the lovely combination of death and doom. To much dismay, they first disbanded in ’95 after the release of the not so good Shitfun. Luckily for us, they decided to come back at full force with a classic lineup to release this EP.

The first song opens up in a flurry of trem bar wankery and noise as the tension rises to a head exploding scream. The vocal performance on this was hard to stomach at first, but after repeat listens I’m loving it immensely. The psychotic growls and yelps which are performed by both Cutler and Reifert, add much to Autopsy’s flavor of death metal. Each track on this album is filled with all the riffs you could want and of course the punchy fast bass that appeared on Severed Survival.

None of the songs suffer from being lost in the wake of others. The production is good, it’s not as dirty as I’d like an Autopsy release to be but it’s not interfering with the quality either. Each tune is a unique piece. This is a effort straight forward effort that in my opinion rises above a couple of their previous releases. The outro track “Mutant Village” goes into a full doom state, only deviating for a minute to leave you feeling punished yet rewarded as this experience finishes.

Autopsy – The Tomb Within gets…



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