Unless your opinion is that you think they’re good and you want to give them money, because that’d be just fine by them!

Those with a keen memory might recall one of my first posts here was regarding the fantastic Stella Dawes, an unsigned band from Birmingham in the UK. They play a passionate mix of screamo and hardcore, and have one of the most unique guitar tones I’ve heard in a long time. Seriously; it’s gnarlier than your grandma’s vagina.

They are announcing the release of their ridiculously good 2007 self-produced album Contrasts on iTunes, as is the done thing these days, so all of you who put off paying for shipping the hand-crafted CD case to the states  (a beautiful package, complete with a personal note from the band) can get in on this great piece of DIY craftsmanship.

To celebrate this re-release of this old music, they’re giving away a brand new track, Your Opinion Is Wrong over at Tuneglue. The version up for grab is an update of part of a trio of demos they put on their MySpace earlier this year, which have been played a fuck-ton (to the nearest metric fuck-ton) by me already. Now it’s your turn.

– CG


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