I just happen to love bands that take the technical polyrhythmic approach set in place by Meshuggah and infuse more melody and other musical influences. Of course you have big names like Periphery and Tesseract, but we’re starting to see an influx of people trying to achieve a similar sound. I think of it as a good thing for the time being, especially because I dig the sound and so far, the genre is dominated by some seriously talented dudes. Which brings me to my point for the moment:

Ever Forthright is a band from Long Island that is apparently made up of jazz musicians. This is also the only djent band I know of that has their own dedicated keyboard player. They are on a vocalist search at the moment, but they have an instrumental song up as well as a track with samples from their upcoming album on MySpace. It all sounds amazing, with top notch production quality. In the samples, there’s a clip where the jazz influence takes the spotlight via they keyboard player and a glitchy electronic beat that sounds simply amazing. I hope they utilize that style more often, as it could definitely make them more unique, but otherwise this is top shelf djent.

They also have demos available from the last few years, featuring a past vocalist. While they have obviously grown much since then, it still has moments of brilliance worth checking out.

Keep an eye out for Ever Forthright. Their debut album is due out next year.

– JR

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