Why it took this long to check out Returning We Hear The Larks, I’ll never know, especially considering TNOTB’s postings in the past week or so. Following the recent surge in the metal scene, RWHTL is a one man band featuring mastermind Jak Noble. However, rather than a vehicle to showcase wank and complex shred, RWHTL focuses more on building atmosphere and setting a soundscape that bursts into djent from time to time, sort of like a movie score which builds into crazy battle scenes.

The main center of attention on the project’s debut album,Ypres, is slowly building atmosphere with a concept following a concept inspired by the town of Ypres and a battle that occurred there during World War I. It’s an interesting album, with a fair share of hypnotic moments.

You can check out the album below. Click through to download the album at whatever you feel compelled to give.

<a href="http://returningwehearthelarks.bandcamp.com/album/ypres">Ypres by Returning We Hear the Larks</a>

– JR

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