It’s Wednesday, 1:10 PM. I’m sitting in the file office of my place of work with my headphones on, playing Daath’s new album while typing some of my thoughts into Word. I’m staring at a Photoshop window with an open project where I put Serious Cat’s head on False Nate’s body. Much to my annoyance, I can’t pick up any unsecured wi-fi from my spot. I suppose it’s for the best though; I have some work to do… I think. I’m also tempting fate by leaning back in my rolling chair. One of these days the wheels will slip and I’ll fly back, yanking the headphone cable out of my laptop (and effectively drowning the quiet office in a sudden burst of noisy metal) and sending my head into the wall of file cabinets behind me. Imagine taking one of those handles to the back of the dome. I can certainly wait for that day, even though the thought kind of amuses me. This is how I spend much of my time.

But lately, my mind keeps going back to the rumors. I’ve heard them floating around, but surely they were pipe dreams and would lead nowhere. After all, a blogger has no real power to effect anything, right? I scoffed at the idea and went back to “work.”

Out of nowhere, I get a text message from musician Tre Watson that simply read, “Announce the collaboration.  Release the Kraken!!!”

“Oh shit,” I thought to myself. “So it’s really happening…”

Apparently during my mundane office routine, my universe had been thoroughly rocked. The world is not ready for what is about to go down…

What I jokingly predicted came true. Mark Hawkins, Tre Watson, and Drewsif Stalin will be doing a song together. Never before has the world of bedroom producers compiled such a huge amount of win in one place. I said I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, and I still don’t.

It’s too early for details, but Mark saw what I had written and emailed both Tre and Drewsif, whom both seemed stoked on the idea, so now it’s happening.

Get a change of pants ready, folks.

– JR

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