I did something crazy today. I was listening to music and instead of going to the Recently Added playlist that auto-updates based on songs I’ve recently added, I went to my full library. And you know what I did?

I fucking hit shuffle. Crazy, right?

And out of nowhere a song by Fear Factory came on. At first glance that’s nothing surprising since I love them, but it was a song off Transgression. You know, the album everyone seems to hate a little less than Digimortal. Nevertheless, I was astonished. I hadn’t heard anything off this album in ages (a year or two, at least). Even more freaky was the fact it was my favorite song off the album: “540,000 Degrees Fahrenheit.” This had to have been some wizardry. iTunes (lol, Apple) must have known this album was getting rusty. It must have! In any case, the second it began I was hit with a rush of nostalgia. Back in 2005 I bought it from some cheap CD store with an ultra ghetto black guy behind the counter scaring me shitless. My original plans were to buy some other CD, but then I noticed the infamous Fear Factory logo chilling on the “New Releases” shelf. You think I picked up the album I originally came for?

Fuck no.

2 albums in 2 years? Heck yes, I said. That was a great moment. Then I went home and brought out my boom box (I didn’t have my computer for a long time since I got busted for porn) and played that album for hours straight, reading the lyrics and just being a retarded kid thinking this was the pinnacle of Fear Factory. Hell, I even purposely bought the more metal looking Tech Deck (remember those?) figures just because I’d pretend they were the band. This and Archetype were my musical childhood (other than Slipknot).

Here’s the nostalgiafest for me. It’s amazing how I can remember every single word after not listening for a few years:


Apologies about the awful quality.

So, fellow readers, what bands/songs give you a rush of nostalgia? Post some motherfucking links in the comment box and let’s hear some stories. Maybe you’ll ignite even more nostalgia that’s buried underneath my plethora of songs.



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