Chickenhawk? Chickenhawk.

Sometimes I neglect checking out bands based on their name alone, and it’s a shame that I do that because some of my favorite bands have the most ridiculous names (Arsonists Get All The Girls, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza). Chickenhawk are one of those bands that I’ve sadly passed up on because it’s hard to take a name like that seriously. Turns out they’re pretty damn good! Won’t I ever learn?

Chickenhawk are an experimental hardcore band from Leeds with a knack for huge riffs and fast pace. Their debut album Modern Bodies is due out November 1st, but the band are offering up their song “Scorpieau” for free. Check that out via the bandcamp player below and rock the fuck out.

Be on the lookout for this band. Modern Bodies is out November 1st.

– JR


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