I actually enjoy UnderOath oddly enough. I am Christian as I have openly professed before so I personally find their ways of sharing a Christian message really interesting. But that is an extra jewel of listening to a Christian band. But UnderOath has many rather proggy tendencies that you can especially find in their last record, Lost in the Sound of Separation, and now they have released a new song called “Illuminator” which is sounding like it will follow the same path as Separation.

“Illuminator” comes from their new album coming out November 9th that is either called Ø (Disambiguation) or just Disambiguation. Their website has the first option there but it doesn’t directly say either one is right. Metalsucks is announcing it as the first but I know they aren’t UnderOath fans and as an UnderOath fan, I know that the band likes to throw that “O with a line through it” symbol around a lot for no reason so I’m going to stay open to either title until it is officially released.

Oh, I’m excited for this to come out. Listen to “Illuminator” here.


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