Tre Watson is balls deep in writing and recording his sophomore solo album and has recently uploaded a single on his brand new Bandcamp page called “…And The Horse You Rode In On.” It’s very different than your standard Watson djent shred. In fact, much of what I’ve heard from the 2nd album sounds completely different from the debut. Listen and click through to download below!

<a href="">&#8230;And the Horse you Rode in on. by Tre Watson</a>

And in case you missed it the first time, you can pick up Tre’s first album Lexicon of the Human Subconscious while you’re there by way of a ‘pay what you want’ model. The downloaded package comes with two bonus tracks! Throw a few bones his way if you can!

Tre Watson’s sophomore album is expected out by the end of the year. Be on the look out!

– JR

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