It’s been awhile…

I’m not sure why it is like this. We were really happy together at one time but from where I am right now, that seems like miles away. I can’t even remember the reason why we quit being so close. I really miss that. I miss you. It almost feels like a fairy tale. You were a petite blog from small-town, USA and now you’re a big fish in the big apple. I have grown a lot too. I have listened to new bands, I have found other blogs, but for some weird reason, there was this itching gnaw in the back of my head saying your name. It was almost as if it didn’t matter who I was actually with, a part of me was always with you. Every now and then I liked to come back and have a peek at your progress, and that was nice for awhile. But as the saying goes, “You can’t have only one potato chip.”

I was warned; if you start hinting at a reunion, she is going to take the bait and then you’re stuck with something that you don’t want. But the only problem with that is that I do want you. This is where I want to be.

I remember when I first saw you. You were young but in some way very mature. You gave the image of having been able to see the world and saying that it just wasn’t that magnificent. I could imagine you being at the top of Mt. Everest and saying “I could have seen this in a book.” Most people would scoff at this thought. With such a wondrous sight of what seems to be the entire world that most couldn’t even imagine but what makes you different is that you have imagined something bigger and greater. You have imagined mountains twice the size of Everest and having them float in the skies with the ground being a thing of the past that is told in folktales of the people old enough to remember or crazy enough to actually think that. You are truly a jewel that has always been directly in front of my eye with me jumping around it trying to see the mountains, when there were floating mountains inside your mind; I just had to peer inside to see.

But here we are. We are both a bit older and a little bit mature but I think that we can have a future together. I’m willing to forget our pain we have felt together and the misery we have put each other through and look to a brighter future. I’m am willing to stop trying to see Everest and start seeing the floating Everests, but something has to happen before I am willing to: you have to willing to do exactly the same.

So, with Sky Mountains on the line, here we go, jumping into the abyss of an imagination with only our pens in our hands. We will write the future of this world and the next with only the stroke of ink. We will be the catalyst of the death and the life in everyone. I have a lot of hope for this; I can’t wait to see what comes out of our minds. Are you ready? Yes? Then jump.



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