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So earlier this week, Alex_P (of The Number Of The Blog) recommended I check out Intronaut. I’ve been meaning to for a while because I keep seeing coverage all over Metalsucks (which features columns by Intronaut’s own Sacha Dunable), but I’ve never gotten around to it. Shame on me, I know. A couple of days later, I’m sent a promo copy of their upcoming album In The Valley Of Smoke. I figure, “hey, here’s my excuse to give them a shot!”

I was blown away by this album. I don’t know many bands that made that strong of a first impression, and I’m told by Gein (who has also heard the album) that it’s not even their best album so far. I’ve got some digging to do! We’ll have a proper review of it up some time before the album drops by the way of Dormition, but I’m digging it really hard right now. It’s worth keeping an eye on if you’re into sludge, prog, and post-metal.

Here’s a recently posted “making of…” video which describes the album’s title track, which features two drums and two basses performing in a call-and-response manner. It’s as awesome as it sounds. Be on the look out for this one.


In The Valley Of Smoke is out October 12th on Century Media. After the jump, listen to the album’s first track “Elegy.”

– JR


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