It’s been a while since I’ve done a Hits From the Inbox column. I think I’ll bring it back for use more often! This rendition of Hits From The Inbox features a two-fer of new bands for you to sink your teeth into: New York sludge/noise rock band Komondor and UK metalcore act What The Night Brings.

First up, Komondor!

Taking a big influence from sludge, noise rock, post-punk, and stoner metal, Komondor‘s bassist/vocalist Lazlo describes their music as “sounding like Eyehategod covering Boston, but playing the songs backwards. Or maybe Daydream Nation with all the good parts taken out played (again) backwards but slower with a man yelling on top of it. Better yet, maybe we sound like Venom playing Captain Beefheart… well we hope to be sounding like that soon.” I think you’re right close there, Lazlo. This music is filthy, in the best way. I think I might need a tetanus shot.

Listen to their whole album The Giant Is Coming & The Giant Is Going To Kill You below, and click through to make a purchase if you’re feeling generous and awesome.

<a href="">a giant is coming &amp; the giant is going to kill you by Komondor</a>

Next, What The Night Brings.

What The Night Brings fits right at home with the type of music that most often gets posted on HBIH. It’s very slightly progressive influenced metalcore, complete with some djenty sounding sections and gang vocals, sounding somewhere between Born of Osiris and Norma Jean, almost. WTNB have one EP out now called Tides, which you can listen to via PureVolume. You’ll have to click through for that one since PureVolume doesn’t give embeds, apparently. Check them out!

That’s it for this time! Check out the contact page (link above) to send us your music. We may or may not get back to you, as we’re pretty busy most of the time, but who knows. You might end up in this column!

– JR


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