“Oh holy shit, this is different!”

You bet! I’m hijacking Chris’ Best of British column for the week. I may not be British, but I have ears and know what’s awesome. I also got an A in Geography in my senior year of high school. I think you can file me under “Good Enough.”

While our Best of British column tends to highlight a more hardcore/metalcore aspect of the British scene that my man Chris is more involved with, today’s band comes from the realm of what can best be described as Blackened Grindcore. Something a bit different, eh? Here’s Birmingham, England’s very own Anaal Nathrakh.

Anaal Nathrakh comes from the minds of multi-instrumentalist and producer Mick “Irrumator” Kenney and vocalist Dave “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” Hunt. This music is as chaotic as it gets; surely this is the soundtrack for when all Hell breaks loose on Earth during the Apocalypse. I’m not quite sure if V.I.T.R.I.O.L. is even saying anything half the time, as it seems he’s instead opting for a purely aesthetic approach to vocal delivery when appropriate. We’ll never know, because he’ll never release his lyrics. The music speaks for itself really. It’s grim, it’s ugly, and most of all, it’s fucking metal.

Here is their video for the song “More Fire Than Blood” from 2009’s In The Constellation Of The Black Widow. The band are currently writing their next album. It will be a monster.


After the jump, the title track from the same album. Go ahead, click through. You know you want to.

– JR



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