Pretty big week! There’s a lot going on, so check it out.

Abigail Williams – In The Absence Of Light (Candlelight)
The Atlas Moth – The One Amongst The Weed Fields (Digital) (Candlelight)
August Burns Red – Home (CD/DVD) (Solid State)
Black Anvil – Triumvirate (Relapse)
Encoffination – Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh (Selfmadegod)
Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odin (Nuclear Blast)
Halford – Made Of Metal (Metal God)
James LaBrie – Static Impulse (InsideOut)
Limbonic Art – Phantasmagoria (Candlelight)
Mushroomhead – Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children (Megaforce)
October Tide – A Thin Shell (Candlelight)
OSI – Office Of Strategic Influence (Metal Blade)
Powerglove – Saturday Morning Apocalypse (E1 Music)
Pristina – The Drought (Ov Salt And Sorrow) (Trendkill Recordings)
The Secret – Solve Et Coagula (Southern Lord)
Slipknot – (sic)nesses [DVD] (Roadrunner)
Soundgarden – Telephantasm (A&M/UMe)
Stand United – Adherence (Eulogy Recordings)
Sweet Cobra – Mercy (Blackmarket Activities/Metal Blade)
Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross – The Social Network (Null Corporation/Madison Gate)
Unearthly Trance – V (Relapse)

I approve of all that awesome. Have a good week!

– JR


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