"America Or Bust"

Oh wait, nevermind. That’s just the new, watered down version of Architects. I’ve skewered this song before, but now the band are streaming the song on MySpace.

While I have to admit the song is catchy as fuck, it marks the decline in quality in the band’s career in an attempt to gain a higher international audience, and of course, more money. Hollow Crown was great in its sort-of-proggy song structure where the odd chorus was saved for later and played maybe once or twice for effect and then threw a bunch of riffs and odd time signatures. This seems like an attempt to appeal to a more mainstream audience. The song’s good and everything… but it’s just not Architects good.

I’ve said my piece. You can judge for yourself over at the band’s myspace. You can either back me up on this or tell me how much of an idiot I am in the comments section. I want to get everyone’s opinion on this one.

– JR

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