So apparently Chris Baretto quit Haunted Shores, making the project an instrumental duo featuring Mark Holcomb and Misha Mansoor with a revolving door of guest vocalists to appear on the upcoming album. The list so far includes quite a few people that are to be obviously expected. Here’s the list so far:

Casey Sabol (Ex-Periphery)

Spencer Sotelo (Periphery)

Jesse Leach (ex-Killswitch Engage, Empire Shall Fall)

Daniel Tompkins (Tesseract)

Elliot Coleman (Sky Eats Airplane)

Greg Pope (Monuments)

Scott Quigley (This Time It’s War)

Patrick Purves (Life on Repeat)

Ryan Devlin (Corellia)

Javi Perera

There are a couple of more to be announced. Some vocalists are expected to do a couple of songs, with some songs featuring multiple vocalists.

This weekend, Haunted Shores gave a preview of the new material complete with vocals in the way of “Passenger,” featuring Spencer Sotelo. The song is simply awesome and shows Spencer’s growth as a vocalist since Periphery‘s debut dropped. The difference is noticeable! This will be a great release for sure.

Check out “Passenger” via MySpace. I’m excited!

– JR


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