This sounds pretty cool and this is coming from someone who really had no expectation of it.


I’m gonna hijack this post, because there probably needs more said about this. First double-author post? I think so!

So, Devin, you mean to tell me that BOTH Ghost and Deconstruction are going to be double albums, with 2011 having at least 4 albums worth of new Devin Townsend Project? Hell yes.

Ghost, as you can tell from the above clip, is going to be amazing. In an era where everything is done via digital plugins, and artist going outside and recording frogs and slide guitar in tunnels guerrilla-style is a rarity. It’s a nice change of pace, sure to contribute to the album’s overall aesthetic. This is going to blow Ki out of the water. We’ve yet to hear anything from Deconstruction, but I’m sure after writing all this ambient music, the next punch will definitely leave a mark. 2011, here we come!

– JR


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