It certainly does feel like it’s been over a decade since Primus put out anything significant; I was nine years old since Primus released Antipop, and I wasn’t even aware of their existence at that point. Yes, I’m a youngin’.

However, Primus have been omnipresent since then, with reunion tours and a 5 track EP in 2003 and a compilation of hits in 2006. At that point, Primus was more of a novelty in their weirdness in my world. Now, Primus are held in the regard of alt-rock legends. Thankfully, Primus decided to do something more with their most union and are writing music for a new album with a tentative 2011 release.

Frontman and bassist Les Claypool had this to say:

“Right now it’s throwing pasta at the wall and seeing which noodles are sticking, recording musical ideas from sound checks and whatnot, even live shows. We’ve been branching off on various tangents, and I have notebooks full of various writings. And now with the advent of the iPhone I’ve got my little recorder and can record things as I’m driving down the street, at a whim.”

2011 might have gotten just a bit more epic. Stay tuned!

– JR

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