The legendary status band doom/folk/black metal band Agalloch have announced the release of their upcoming album Marrow of the Spirit. Having only gotten into them recently (for shame!), this excites me and gives me more reason to get into their work.

Marrow of the Spirit is set for a North American release on November 23rd through Profound Lore records. Here’s the tracklist for what will surely be an epic album.

1.    They Escaped The Weight Of Darkness [3:41]
2.    Into The Painted Grey [12:25]
3.    The Watcher’s Monolith [11:46]
4.    Black Lake Nidstang [17:34]
5.    Ghosts Of The Midwinter Fires [9:40]
6.    To Drown [10:27]

If you’re like me and late to the party, here’s a song that everyone seems to love, “Falling Snow”, from their album Ashes Against The Grain.


– JR

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