You know what happens when the almighty Katatonia make it over to America for their highly anticipated headline tour? They get fucking robbed when they were in Minnesota, where some assholes got away with guitar straps, wireless transmitters, and two guitars. One of the guitars was meant to be given away in a contest (pictured right).

Katatonia are urging people to check craigslist, ebay, and local Minnesota pawn shops for the guitars and let them know if anything turns up.

This is some bullshit. Katatonia doesn’t make it stateside all that often, and guitars are fucking expensive. Surely, this doesn’t bode well for future North American Katatonia tours? Well, luckily, Katatonia are otherwise enjoying the tour, saying:

The police are already onto the thief already and the ball is rolling! Stay tuned!
Whether this incident has caused doubts on if we’ll ever come back again – listen, good people of America, we love this tour! It has been great and you will continue to make it great and then we’ll be back for even more!

So keep on the lookout for the Mayones guitars. They aren’t all that common and they stand out well enough, so if you spot it, let the band know.
– JR

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